Welcome to Team Evergreen Kennel where we specialize in mid-distance racing as well as sled dog rides. Our kennel is based near Skandia, MI (about a half hour south of Marquette, MI off of highways 41 and 94). Yearly, we recieve lake effect snow giving us some of the most beautiful trails in the area.

The dogs of Team Evergreen are housed on 160 acres of land. The entire operation includes 17 active sled dogs and 4 retired/house dogs. Each dog is treated with one on one care, and are some of the most well taken care of dogs.

The dogs' health and safety is our number one priority, and we take pride in our everyday care of the animals. We live by, "Happy, healthy dogs" during all of our racing events and were honored to recieve the Cooley Challenge Award at the 2011 UP200, voted by the vets, for best dog care.

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